Mazzy Star is releasing a new EP on June 1st! Titled "Still," the release is timed to coincide with the three shows the band are playing in Australia at Sydney Opera House, as part of the VividLIVE festival (which also features Cat Power performing "Moon Pix").

'Still' is a 4 track EP and is the first new music from Mazzy Star since 2014. The 12" includes three new tracks along with an alternative version of 'So Tonight That I Might See' from the artists biggest selling album of the same name from 1993, which also featured the seminal hit record 'Fade In To You'.TRACKS:
1. Quiet, The Winter Harbour
2. That Way Again
3. Still
4. So Tonight That I Might See (acension Version)

That's the cover art above.

"So Tonight That I Might See" is of course the title track of Mazzy Star's most famous album. "That Way Again" has never been released but has been played live:

It is unclear at the moment if any of these tracks are new studio recordings, but Mazzy Star may have plans to record and release a full new album too.

Hope Sandoval released new music in 2017 and 2016.

(thanks Bob Beatty!)