Christian Blunda is best known as Billy Jeans, singer and guitarist of Portland punk trio Mean Jeans, but with the pandemic making it a tough time to play in a punk band, Christian whipped up a solo album called Funky Punks In Space. It comes out April 22 via DIG! Records (pre-order), and we're premiering lead single "Hyperblaster." Christian says, "This song’s about picking up the pace after sitting on your ass for too long. In this case, fulfilling my destiny by blasting into space at hyperspeeds via meditation, synth punk and drugs. But by any means, ya know?"

It may be a solo project, but the new song's a ripper that's cut from the same Ramonescore cloth as Mean Jeans, just with a little more of a synthy sci-fi touch. Give it a spin below.

1. Hyperblaster
2. Too Funky for this World
3. Every Day I Go to Space
4. I'm an Alien
5. Inside a Black Hole
6. Zoner
7. Chain Wallet in Zero Gravity
8. Vortex
9. Funky Punks in Space

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