Back in 1985, SST bands Meat Puppets, Minutemen and Husker Du went on 'SST - The Tour' with Saccharine Trust and SWA. As a nod to that tour, the Meat Puppets, Mike Watt (of the Minutemen) and Grant Hart (of Husker Du) are on tour together this year. The tour hit NYC's Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday (5/10), where the Meat Puppets played tons of classics (including five songs off Meat Puppets II), Mike Watt and his backing band The Jom and Terry show played a ton of Minutemen songs (and a Stooges song), and Grant Hart's short set included one Husker Du song ("Never Talking to You Again"). Pictures are in the gallery above. Setlists below.

Punk News caught the Grand Rapids stop of the tour earlier this month (which didn't include Grant Hart), and here's an excerpt of their review of Mike Watt's set:

This time around, Watt was touring with The Jom and Terry Show. They’ve been his backup band off and on since 2001, and they play as a trio with Watt on bass/vocals, Tom Watson on guitar/vocals and Jerry Trebotic on drums. I really had no idea what to expect. What we got were a bunch of funky, jazzy, punky songs by three talented musicians who seemed very comfortable together. The 50 minute set did included quite a few Minutemen tunes. (Please don’t ask me to name them.) Watt acted amazed that people still cared about “songs that he wrote with D. Boone 36 or 37 years ago.” He was like the ultimate punk dad, graying and dressed in his signature flannel shirt. He was folksy and deliberate and seemed genuinely grateful to still be playing music after all these years.

You can read more here.


Meat Puppets at Brooklyn Bowl - 5/10/17 Setlist (via)
Comin' Down
Oh, Me
Flaming Heart
Severed Goddess Hand
The Monkey and the Snake
Mockingbird Hill (Moremogolo Tswana Traditional Dancers cover)
Whiskey in the Jar (traditional)
Movin' On (Curt Kirkwood song)
Touchdown King
Seal Whales
Lake of Fire
Attacked by Monsters
Up on the Sun


Mike Watt at Brooklyn Bowl - 5/10/17 Setlist (via)
Little Doll (The Stooges song)
She Don't Know Why I'm Here (The Last cover)
Sweet Honey Pie (Roky Erickson cover)
Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs (Minutemen song)
Fake Contest (Minutemen song)
The Big Bang Theory
The Tin Roof (Minutemen song)
(Amnesty Report II) (The Pop Group cover)
Beacon Sighted Through Fog (Minutemen song)
If Reagan Played Disco (Minutemen song)
Life as a Rehearsal (Minutemen song)
This Road (Jars of Clay cover)
Forever... One Reporter's Opinion
It's Expected I'm Gone (Minutemen song)
Anxious Mo-Fo (Minutemen song)
The Big Foist (Minutemen song)
Surfin' With The Shah (Urinals cover)
Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (Minutemen song)
The Glory of Man (Minutemen song)
The Politics of Time (Minutemen song)
Art Analysis
Self-Referenced (Minutemen song)
Cut (Minutemen song)
The Red & the Black (Blue Öyster Cult cover)

Grant Hart at Brooklyn Bowl - 5/10/17 Setlist (via)
You're the Reflection of the Moon on the Water
Never Talking to You Again (Hüsker Dü song)
Is The Sky The Limit?
The Last Days of Pompeii (Nova Mob song)


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