Brooklyn rapper Medhane has responded to allegations of sexual assault in a new statement. He admits to "problematic behavior" and being "emotionally abusive," but not to assault. The statement reads:

Rape is reprehensible and unforgivable.

I am deeply pained by these accusations. Our protection comes from speaking truth and making it known.

I had a sexual relationship with a woman, and spoke poorly of her to another person.

I acknowledge that this is problematic behavior and have since attempted to make amends with this young woman to no avail.

After her tweet in which she called me a rapist, I reached out to her to try to understand how I made her feel and what I could do to mend the hurt. She didn’t respond.

With the tweets and retweets by individuals of this accusation, I must respond even though to do so puts me in the position of saying a young woman is misrepresenting a sexual encounter.

Speaking poorly of a woman after you have sex with her is wrong and I accept the repercussions of that behavior, as it is indeed emotionally abusive.

I am learning from this experience and I will continue to offer a space to communicate to my accuser and her family in attempts to bring healing in a holistic way.


Previously, frequent Medhane collaborator MIKE said, "Any interaction I’ve had with Medhane since I was notified about the situation has been holding him accountable and letting him know he’s responsible for hurting this woman."

Pitchfork points out that former Medhane collaborator Slauson Malone wrote, "As of 2018, I've separated myself musically from Medhane and colleagues because of beliefs and practices," and later added, "I'm calling on the dismantling of this 'scene' as we know it because it is unable to hold misogynistic behavior accountable." His full statement:

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