Meet Me @ The Altar, a rising pop punk trio who formed online in 2015 with members based in Florida, New Jersey, and Georgia, have signed to Fueled By Ramen, the label that helped break mid 2000s pop punk giants like Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Panic! at the Disco, and which more recently put out music by cool newer bands like The Front Bottoms and Basement. FBR is a great fit, as MM@TA say classic FBR bands like Paramore (who they've covered) were formative influences. "For Hayley [Williams], it was like, 'There's a woman, and she's doing what I want to do," guitarist/bassist Téa Campbell tells Billboard. "I can do that [too]."

"Them coming together through YouTube Fueled By Ramen covers felt very serendipitous," Elektra Music Group vp of A&R Johnny Minardi added. "Every time I would have a conversation with them, they would tell me a tidbit about their biggest inspirations or doing drum covers of Paramore. I kept being like, 'This is the most obvious thing in the world in the best way possible: To connect and go and try to take on the world together.'"

Along with the announcement comes a new Alex Zarek-directed video for the band's recent single "Garden," a super catchy pop punk anthem that would've sounded at home on FBR in 2005 and feels fresh today too. "We want to be the representation we didn’t have growing up," the band said in a statement accompanying the video's release. "We hope to encourage young girls, especially black and brown girls like us. We definitely have a different perspective than the average pop punk white dude crying about his girlfriend. Even as a band, we experience the music world in our own way. It gives us an interesting viewpoint that we put into the songs."

Check out the new video: