Psych/garage master and harmonica player Walter Daniels fronted the '90s Austin band Jack O'Fire, played with the Oblivians, and has been in various other projects. Currently, he's focusing on his band Meet Your Death. He's joined in this project by fellow '90s-era garage rock vet John Schooley, plus two younger musicians: drummer Matt Hammer of The Strange Boys and OBN IIIs, and bassist Harpal Assi of Wiccans and VIDEO. That's a rock-solid lineup, and it's no surprise that they sound like a total force when they come together. The band's self-titled LP will be out on August 12 via Gerard Cosloy's 12XU label (pre-order), and we're premiering its song "Elephant Man," a Bo Diddley cover. Meet Your Death's take on it truly finds the middle point between classic blues and scuzzy garage punk, and anyone who likes both of those things should check this out. Listen below.