Today (4/30) at 5 PM ET, Megadeth will stream their 2017 Wacken Open Air Festival set in its entirety, and Dave Mustaine will be doing a "live chat with fans, telling anecdotes, and answering questions" during the stream. You can tune in below at 5 PM.

In related news, Megadeth is also now selling a trademark Vic Rattlehead face mask with some of their merch, and a portion of the proceeds of merch sales will go to Megadeth's road crew and production team. (They're one of several artists selling trademark face masks.) Last month, Megadeth donated part of their merch proceeds to COVID-19 relief.

Dave Mustaine says, "As we continue to self-quarantine, my thoughts go to all the production teams and road crews out there who count on artists being on the road to make a living. They are the driving force that help make things happen. It’s the road crew that help keep everything running smoothly and make the show sound and look the way we envision. Megadeth’s crew are the best in the business. We are the Megadeth family and I want to do what I can to help ease some of the financial stress they are currently experiencing."

Megadeth have also been making their own quarantine playlists, and you can listen to their latest one and check out a picture of the facemask and the flyer for today's stream, below.

Tune in to the stream right here at 5 PM ET: