Former Williamsburg resident, legend of stage and screen, and one of only twelve people endowed with the sacred EGOT, icon Mel Brooks just enjoyed his 90th birthday and, whoa, what this man has done these past 90 years is truly mind blowing. Importantly for me, he was the brains behind some of my favorite comedies of all time including The ProducersYoung FrankensteinHigh AnxietySpaceballs, and, of course, Blazing Saddles.

I have a personal inventory of important people I'd love to see in person, under any circumstance, and Mel Brooks is way at the top of the list; more so because he's 90 and, well, let's just say 2016 hasn't been the best year for icons. I am happy to report that Radio City Music Hall will be showing Brooks' masterpiece comedy Blazing Saddles on Thursday September 1 and that Mel will be there, in the flesh, to talk about his creative process and interact with the audience. I've also always wanted to see a movie in Radio City so BOOM two birds, one stone. Tickets for this once in a lifetime event are currently on sale so git 'em.

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