Ex-Absu guitarist Melissa Moore has issued another statement, providing more context on her former band who "threw [her] out of Absu like a piece of trash because [she's] trans," and who apparently are reforming as "Apsu" and planning to finish the album they were working on with Melissa without Melissa's parts. She writes:

In early 2019 Candlelight/Spinefarm reached out to me because Absu was trying to finish the vocals on the album and wanted more money. They needed all musicians to sign off but Russ told them I quit the band so there was no need to get my approval.

The label was suspicious and did their research.

Here's a summary of my conversation with the label (they did their best in an awkward situation and I'm grateful):

-The album was not legally able to exist unless I was willing to sign something. An Absu album can't legally come out with my songs and performance unless I want it to.

-Usually these kinds of disputes between band members are about money. Something about royalties was brought up and I was asked "Is there any way you would rejoin the band?" Not a chance.

-The label brought up that Russ would probably be asked about me in every interview so how could there be peace? - I said he'll just try to gloss over me being trans even if he "praises" me. This is already ruined for me, but its a shame because maybe some gendery kid in a Bathory shirt would have cracked their egg if they read about the guitarist of Absu being a trans chick.

So nothing happened.

9 months later the label reached out to me AGAIN with the same basic question. Whats it going to take to get this album out.

Meanwhile I'm thinking "Why am I even having this conversation. I literally don't want this album or band in my life any more. How can I scare them off once and for all?"

"Tell Russ if they put the trans symbol on the front cover of the album I'll sign the paper". I allowed just enough time for them to panic over this defacement of their legacy as a final fuck you and then I quickly announced that I wasn't letting them use my songs.

They broke up.

I hope they aren't trying to steal my songs again for all of our sakes.

Melissa previously said that Agonia Records, who signed "Apsu," told her that none of her music is being used in any way. "This is a relief as I have plans for those songs. I will still tell this story in full. It’s been a heavy weight for 3 years and I’m sick of carrying it around. More later...," she said.

Listen to the 2018 demo by Melissa's new band Sonja:

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