If you keep up with modern melodic hardcore, there's a very good chance you've heard of Philly's Sunstroke, who have been dropping a series of great singles on New Morality Zine lately, and if you haven't heard of them, you should change that now. Comparisons to classic stuff like Dag Nasty, Rites of Spring, and Turning Point are warranted, but Sunstroke aren't just idol worshippers; they've got a fresh, modern take on the genre that seats them nicely next to contemporary greats like Drug Church and One Step Closer. If this is sounding like your kinda thing, I highly recommend checking out their two new songs, "Buzzer Beater" and "Everyday Bouquet," the final two tracks in their singles series. They were made with assistance from two hardcore legends: Don Zientara engineered it at his Inner Ear Studios, the same place he worked with Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, Fugazi, Jawbox, and so many other bands, and it was mixed by Brian McTernan, whose resume is also stacked and whose current band Be Well fits right in with the kind of music Sunstroke make.

"We were writing for the first time with a new drummer (Brandon) when we were getting ready for Inner Ear Studios," the band tells us. "We wrote two whole songs prior to landing on what would become 'Buzzer Beater' and 'Everyday Bouquet.' We were writing in summer, and the song was reflecting that; it feels brighter and more positive. Prior to writing the lyrics, I saw the photo of Guy Picciotto inside the basketball hoop, and the name 'Buzzer Beater' hit me, I started to write with that title in mind. The lyrics revolve around fatherhood, and my own personal relationship with it."

Check out both songs below...


photo by Gretchen Lovinov


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