NYC vocalist, songwriter, and producer Melody English left her previous home of Boise, ID, after being hit by a car while jogging, an accident that left her with a cracked jaw on both sides. Worried she wouldn't sing again, but unwilling to give up her ambitions of a music career, she relocated to NYC, and meeting new collaborators along the way, recorded her debut album, Melody, which is out on February 14 via House of Feelings. That's the cover art below, and we're premiering the first single, "Affect Me," which you can stream below. It's a mellow track with traces of Americana and psychedelica, rounded out by touches of synths and Melody's vocals, languid but affecting.

"Affect Me" is "about people that are hopeless and disengaged," Melody says, "making fun of people that posture like, 'Well, it doesn't affect me. And when it falls I won’t be here to see it.' It's about not confronting your own problems, being a passive or privileged or disengaged bitch. But it's also feeling paralyzed, pointless, and that nature will wipe us out anyway. For example, when you are learning something and someone makes fun of you, so you just stop learning, put the dream on the shelf, resent everyone, and completely shut down. Like teen angst in an early guitar lesson."