Melody's Echo Chamber closed out her first tour in six years at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night (4/2). Frontwoman Melody Prochet emphasized her gratitude many times over, and revealed to the crowd that the night was extra special because in France, it was already her birthday. Song after song from her decade-long catalogue dazzled the crowd; Melody's presence on stage was charming and ethereal. She danced, spinning and headbanging, as often as possible during the instrumental breaks where her band shredded. Even in quieter moments, as with "The Hypnotist" and and "Quand Vas Tu Rentrer," she held the crowd rapt; at one point someone trilled as she counted with quiet seduction in her native French.

The show was her second night in a row at Music Hall of Williamsburg, and featured tons of highlights from her beloved self-titled album (which turned 10 last year), 2018's Bon Voyage, and 2022's Emotional Eternal, as well as the title track to 2022 "lost" album Unfold.

Her four-piece band -- guitars, bass, and drums, plus a very festive tambourine, played with immense power, swinging from dreamy, funk-infused riffs to heavy, '70s-psychedelic shredding in an instant. The band was so highly skilled, with dense guitars and more wicked drum fills than I've ever heard live -- at times it seemed Melody herself was as in awe as the audience, with hair covering her face and dancing with abandon. In addition to all of the retro influences, their sound recalled modern indie rock, psychedelia, and new-wave funk and disco. Melody's Echo Chamber closed the main set with a massive jam on "Quand les larmes d'un ange font danser la neige." Melody stretched her arms out wide into the crowd as she sang "Angels, aching/Keep smiling/Ain't no karma, only love." The encore featured "I Follow You" and "Cross My Heart," both of which had the crowd bobbing and swaying in the band's wake.

Check out photos by P Squared, as well as the setlist and videos from night one below.

Setlist: Melody's Echo Chamber at Music Hall of Williamsburg, 4/1/2023 (via)
Endless Shore
Looking Backward
Mount Hopeless
The Hypnotist
Some Time Alone, Alone
Personal Message
Quand vas tu rentrer ?
Pêcheuse de lune
Bisou Magique
Where the Water Clears the Illusion
Visions of Someone Special, on a Wall of Reflections
Quand les larmes d’un ange font danser la neige
I Follow You
Cross My Heart

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