We recently highlighted 13 punk documentaries that you can stream right now, including two that feature members of the Melvins: Hype! (about grunge) and Don't You Wish That We Were Dead (about The Damned).

This week Ipecac -- right before releasing that new Mr. Bungle track -- threw up entire Melvins documentary Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie! to their YouTube page for free viewing in these quarantine times.

Bands everywhere are suffering due to the lack of touring that is possible right now thanks to Coronavirus, but not many bands are feeling that change as much as road warriors Buzz Osborne and the Melvins who will have been off the road for longer than they ever have in their very long career. The documentary, fittingly, is about the time in 2012 where they played all 50 states plus Washington DC in 51 days! Check it out before June 11th when they're taking it down:

Ipecac is also adding a new movie to their page each week. Check out the schedule below.

King Buzzo -- who has a new solo album (with Trevor Dunn) called Gift of Sacrifice coming out 8/14 (instead of in May as originally scheduled) -- also just made another appearance from his stained glass window-filled home on a new episode of Little Punk People with still young host Elliot Fullam. Watch Buzz show off some of his favorite collectibles and talk that new record, along with Bandcamp stream of one of his new tracks, below...

"I don't know when I'll be playing live again. I have no idea when that sort of thing will make sense again. I'm a little skeptical about how well any of this will work. I'm a little worried about the economic repercussions of all of it for everyone. I think it's gonna be, probably a lot harder than people imagine it will be to dig our way out of this thing. And so it's definitely the weirdest thing I ever lived through. But, ya know, your family pulls together." - Buzz

Melvins and Mudhoney are also releasing a collaborative EP, White Lazy Boy, this summer via Amphetamine Reptile (exact release date TBA). The announcement reads:

Well, well. It looks like we've got some new material here that we're pretty excited about. (The) Melvins have a new 4-track album & what's this, Mudhoney is joining them too? Once you get'cher mitts on White Lazy Boy, fire up that CD player & let the hootenanny commence!

Artwork by HAZE XXL with none other than Mr. Hughes in the prime of his life. No doubt living the life in the Desert Inn, trying to think of a movie better than Ice Station Zebra. Bet you're now trying to think of one too. Guess what buster, you can't! That thing is a @*%%&#-ing masterpiece! And say what you will about Howard, but he was saving his urine in jars WAY before it was cool.

Catalog #AMREP135.

Here's the tracks...
My War
Walking Crazy
Ten Minute Visitation
Drive Back

Mudhoney's Mark Arm is also on the new episode of Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham's Turned Out A Punk podcast:

The new Buzz track:

The Ipecac free movie schedule:

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