Revolver has announced its Winter 2022 issue, and to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary, Melvins are featured inside and on three versions of the cover. There’s a newsstand version and two alternate versions of the Melvins cover, all with photography by Tool guitarist Adam Jones. Here’s what they look like:

Melvins Revolver covers

To go with the covers, Revolver is also giving three Melvins albums — their 1987 debut Gluey Porch Treatments, 1991’s Bullhead, and 2006’s (A) Senile Animal — new pressings, on exclusive red/blue vinyl. Each has reimagined cover art by Mackie Osborne and is limited to just 250 copies, accompanied by a 12×24 screen print of Mackie’s new art. Here’s what the variants look like:

Melvins vinyl

You can order each album on its own, a bundle of all three magazine covers, and a mega collector’s bundle with all three albums, magazine covers and limited edition, numbered 15.5″x24″ 5-color screen print that’s exclusive to the bundle. See and order all of that HERE while it lasts!

Speaking about the screen print, Mackie said it’s inspired by “the number 40, an anniversary, a tale of a rainstorm that lasted 40 days and nights and a legendary giant squid. The story goes that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights… The water symbolizes death and the ark symbolizes salvation. The giant squid is a legendary sea creature, a survivor that never got an invitation to ride on that salvation ship. You can make any connections about the giant squid and the Melvins — and who got a ride on the ark and who didn’t.”

Poppy also features on the cover of the new Revolver; there are two covers, and to go with them, the first vinyl pressings of her 2022 EP Stagger, on exclusive “orange/green split” and “black with white splatter.” See and order those HERE.