Felony For Existing is a new many-membered screamo project with over 20 different trans and/or non-binary performers, including Aki McCullough (Dreamwell), Kai Van Vlack (Trophy Hunt), Ryann Slauson (Closer, Sonagi), Harim Jung (Sonagi), Eve Beeker (To Be Gentle), Kevin Henson (Kissies), Max Norotzky (Ultra Deluxe), Edie Quinn (Coma Regalia), and many more. Their self-titled album was made primarily with Edie Quinn on guitars/bass, Michaela McLaughlin on drums, and a rotating cast of vocalists, and it offers up 27 songs in about 15 minutes. It's out now via Middle-Man Records, with all proceeds benefitting the mutual aid requests of trans and non binary people in need of funds. The whole thing rips, and you can stream it and see the full track-by-track list of vocalists below...

Vocals by:
1. Aeryn Santillan
2. Aeryn Santillan
3. Wes Meadows
4. Mace Guzman
5. Edie Quinn
6. Dean Scordilis
7. Ryann Slauson, Harim Jung
8. Kai Van Vlack
9. Edie Quinn
10. Jaccob Hanley
11. Edie Quinn
12. Dani Teeth
13. Eve Beeker
14. Adam
15. Edie Quinn
16. Ultra Deluxe
17. Tara Stapleton
18. Edie Quinn
19. Edie Quinn
20. Aki McCullough
21. Allen Serafini
22. Josephine Howitzer
23. Jane Cadogan
24. Edie Quinn
25. Kevin Henson
26. Aeryn Santillan, Edie Quinn
27. Aeryn Santillan

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