Michael De Lorenzo (who has done time in Kill Your Idols, Sheer Terror, Deathcycle, C.R., S.S.S.P., and more) and Darren Nanos (Born Sinner, Survivalist, Brain Slug) have a new quarantine punk project called War Babies, and their first release is the 11-song Quarantine Core Demo. It's raw, nasty punk/hardcore that's directly inspired by everything going on right now. Sometimes it's clearly about things you would only sing about during a pandemic ("Spread the Word, Stop the Spread," "You Are Not Essential," which also features Gravel Teeth of Brain Slug) and other times it spews more timeless vitriol. Darren tells No Echo:

This whole project is a reflection of what's going on right now in the world. Literally every song was spurred from something I read or saw minutes before. For example, I was talking to the homie Drew about doing a remote guest spot on one of the last two unfinished songs. He had heard the rest, got the vibe, and just said, "here's the title: 'You Are Not Essential'." Immediately, something jumped to mind because that fucking fool Elon Musk was just running his mouth earlier in the day about getting people back to work.

And as of writing this today, he just said he was going to break the California state orders and get his factory moving again. That he should be arrested if someone has a problem with it. (Well someone cuff that jackass) Why don't these rich fools just put their billions where their mouth is and pay for something actually helpful, instead of bitching about "unfair" laws.

This guy has enough to probably find 20 teams of scientists to find a real answer to this problem, but instead he wants to force people back to work. These Silicon Valley types are so detached from the rest of society.

So, yeah, the whole thing is about the situation at hand: the idiot President and his party, the fact that there is no worthy candidate opposing him anymore, the incompetent healthcare system in place, the state of the earth, and the anxieties of waking up in a world with no forseeable future.

You can read more here and stream the record below.

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