Boston indie group Krill called it quits in 2015, but reunited in 2018 to open for LVL UP's final tour. Now, all three members of Krill -- Jonah Furman (now on guitar, vox), Aaron Ratoff (guitar and bass), and Ian Becker (drums) -- have reunited and, with the addition of guitarist Joe DeManuelle-Hall, have formed a new band, Knot.

Furman says Knot can be seen as both a continuation of Krill and a new start. "In general I think the project was less masterminded than Krill, and more open to itself becoming whatever it might become. I think that's felt, in some way, in the actual music, but hard to articulate." He adds, "I think the apotheosis of what we're trying to do might be a sort of blend of Don Caballero and Bill Callahan. I think that gets at the principle of the thing, if it overstates both the literary-ness of the songwriting and the complexity of the music."

The band's self-titled debut will be out August 28 via Exploding in Sound you can check out first single, "Foam," now. "It's about creative productivity and its opposites, and how one goes from thinking artistic activity is useless or pointless, to seeing some worth in it again, or letting it be a part of one's life again," says Furman. Listen below.

Knot will be donating the first $1,000 of all digital proceeds made through their Bandcamp page to Survived and Punished, a NY organization that's committed to "eradicating the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence."

You can check out the cover art and tracklist for Knot below as well.


Knot tracklist:
1. Fallow
2. Foam
3. I Live In Fear
4. Horse Trotting, The Feet Not...
5. The World
6. Justice
7. Rust
8. Orange
9. Space and Time

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