Last year, Nashville melodic hardcore vets Love Is Red returned with their first release in 17 years, the Darkness Is Waiting EP, and it picked up right where their classic 2004 album The Hardest Fight left off. Like that album, Love Is Red had their second vocalist Hunter Weeks fronting the band, but original vocalist Rob McFeters made an appearance too. Now, Rob is fronting a new band, Plague Mind, which also features Love Is Red guitarist Roger Kilburn (also of Sinking Ships and Trial) and drummer Bobby Hamana, plus Jack Caron of With Honor (who are also reunited) on bass. (The band also adds, "Some of our friends added their yelling to our songs.") That's one hell of a melodic hardcore supergroup, and it should come as no surprise that their self-titled LP is a heater that sounds straight out of the 2000s scene that all of these members helped shape. It's also a sound that's still relevant today, and this LP sounds very fresh. Check it out below.

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