It seems like 2016 might be the year of At the Drive In-related supergroups, as a new band called Crystal Fairy has surfaced with new music. The band features the very busy Omar Rodriguez-Lopes (of ATDI and Mars Volta), core Melvins members Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover, and Le Butcherettes singer Teri Gender Bender. These musicians have all toured together in various capacities over the years, so starting a band together seems fitting

They've announced that their debut self-titled album will drop on February 24 via Ipecac. They've shared the first song called "Drugs on the Bus," which very much sounds like a Melvins joint fronted by Teri Gender Bender. It's groovy, sludgy and weird, which is exactly what you'd expect from a band of these people (though I'm still waiting on some Mars Volta-esque prog to work its way in). You can listen to that jam below.

Meanwhile, Omar is releasing 12 solo albums this year. He's currently on number 6, El Bien Y Mal Nos Une, which you can listen to below.