Members of Vex, Obsequiae, Panopticon, and Horrendous have come together to form Aduanten, whose debut EP Sullen Cadence arrives May 7 via self-release (and on cassette via Eihwaz Recordings). Some background:

For Sullen Cadence, Aduanten enlisted the talents of Vex bassist Joel Miller, with lead vocals provided by Tanner Anderson of Obsequiae. Additional vocals were provided by Damian Herring of Horrendous, who also mixed and mastered the EP at his Subterranean Watchtower studios. Additional sound design and percussion were provided by Adrian Benavides, who also co-engineered the EP with guitarist Michael Day at AMP studios in Austin, TX. The band is already busy writing the follow up to Sullen Cadence due out later in 2021 as well as a full length in 2022.

The new song fuses elements of black & death metal, folk, post-rock, and more, and it's as melodic/atmospheric as it is harsh and evil. It's really cool stuff, and it's exciting to learn they've already got a total of three releases planned for the next two years. Listen below.

Drummer Eoghan McCloskey spoke to Invisible Oranges about the EP, and you can read that here.

1. The Drowning Tide
2. Sullen Cadence
3. The Corpses Of Sum
4. Palace Of Ruin

Aduanten is:
Ciaran McCloskey - Guitar
Michael Day - Guitar, synth
Eoghan McCloskey - Drums, synth

Guest Collaborators:
Tanner Anderson - Vocals
Damian Herring - Vocals
Joel Miller - Bass
Adrian Benavides - Synth, percussion


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