Musicians continue to pay tribute to Chi Pig, the iconic frontman of the long-running Canadian punk/melodic hardcore band SNFU, who sadly passed away at age 57 in July after battling serious illness.

Mike Patton (of Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, etc) wrote, "Mr Chi pig , a dear friend from SNFU, has moved on . Wish you a good trip my brother. A HUGE influence on me. His vocal approach and ferocious stage attack was something that impacted me deeply."

Former Operation Ivy (and current Classics of Love) frontman Jesse Michaels wrote:

Chi Pig was definitely one of the greatest performers I have ever seen. SNFU in the eighties was like a nuclear explosion live. It is hard to grasp because actually, compared to most other hardcore bands from that period they were more restrained and musical on their recordings (which were great). But before the internet and so on, everybody talked about them live. "You have to see this guy Chi Pig." It is hard exaggerate how good he was. I don't mean to be nostalgic or do a humble brag about the good old days. I mean ultimately, that is not the measure of a person and your passing or mine is just as important as his. But I want to express gratitude, publicly for what this huge soul gave to the world. Not for millions or even thousands of dollars, not for the internet, just every night in mostly small clubs at events that are largely forgotten, all for the sake of truth, love and art...

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong wrote: "Oh man. This breaks my heart. Chi Pig was one of the greatest front people I’ve ever seen. I saw SNFU at Gilman when I was 16. I thought he was going to jump through the ceiling. Super smart. Great lyrics. Amazing album titles. So funny. He had an amazing mask collection. lead singer for SNFU. What a bummer. Sending love to all the Edmonton and Vancouver punks. What a loss."

Propagandhi wrote:

We are completely saddened to hear about the passing of our friend and hero Mr. Chi Pig.
For anyone who doesn’t know him, he was the singer for one of the greatest punk bands of all time, SNFU.

We were completely inspired by SNFU’s music, lyrics, stage show and personalities. We saw the dedication and hard work they put into being a great and successful band and that, since they were from Edmonton, even us sad sack prairie headbangers could get out there and make it happen if we believed in ourselves. Most of all they taught us, that there was a place for everyone and that we should all stand up for each other.

SNFU shows of all eras remain some of the best and most vibrant highlights of our lives.
We were lucky to see Chi when he was young, jumping off the P.A. stacks and going nuts and also when he was older and carried the show with his completely unique personality.
There was literally no one even close to being like him.
Rest In Peace Chi. A true punk and legend.

NOFX frontman Fat Mike called Chi "a true original" and "one of the best frontmen ever."

Sloan wrote, "We got to open for SNFU twice: Jan 92 in HFX, & May 92 in Vancouver, on our 1st tour. We learned so much about playing a “show” from performers like Chi Pig. Indimidating as he seemed to us, he was a hardcore punk legend."

Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham wrote: "RIP Mr. Chi Pig. A front person on a different level and a Punk god. Thank you Ken Chinn for all you did."

Joe Keithley of D.O.A. said to CTV News, "He stood out. He had this crazy energy that people would just gravitate to." He also called SNFU "one of Canada's greatest bands."

88 Fingers Louie called him "an absolute legend and the greatest frontman ever."

Chi Pig's SNFU bandmate Dave Bacon said to The Globe and Maiil, "You’d look out at the crowd and everybody was just so focused on Chi. He had so much charisma. You couldn’t take your eyes off him." On becoming a songwriter and performer, Bacon added, "It was his destiny."

Bif Naked wrote, "I am forever grateful... he has an influence and effect on each and every one of us, even beyond SNFU but as an artist and writer, as a very human human, and as a man...there are few kings as notorious."

Nardwuar did an episode with Roger Allen in tribute to Chi, and also included his 2005 interview with Chi.

Fishbone paid tribute and shared old concert flyers from a show they played with SNFU, Dead Kennedys, and the Dicks:


As mentioned, there's also a GoFundMe launched to raise money to install a mural dedicated to Chi in his hometown of Edmonton. His bandmates also released his final song for him and wrote, "Mr Chi Pig wanted to give all his friends and fans one last gift the day his soul took flight."

See more photos, videos, and show flyers that many of the aforementioned artists posted in tribute to Chi:

We are completely saddened to hear about the passing of our friend and hero Mr. Chi Pig.
For anyone who doesn’t know...

Posted by Propagandhi on Friday, July 17, 2020

Farewell old friend. #snfu #chipig

Posted by D.O.A. on Thursday, July 16, 2020

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