Permanent Wave is a network of feminist artists and activists. If you want to help challenge the gender binary as it manifests itself in art, politics, and our personal lives, we want you to join. We believe that women, queer, and trans people should see each other as collaborators and inspirations, not rivals. We want to finish the conversation about equality that started generations ago and change the way women are treated.

As mentioned in This Week in Indie, MEN play a Permanent Wave party at 285 Kent tonight (1/26) with Making Friendz. Get out your goth tits tee and go. Tickets at the door. More info, like how there's gonna be a bake sale too, at the Facebook invite.

(MEN are not to be confused with the Men who just put out a new song and who play 285 Kent in March)

MEN have announced via their new website that "IN ONE MONTH OR LESS THERE WILL BE AN EP RELEASED." and that they've been nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, and that they now have a street team you can join.