by Doug Moore

Seattle's Mercy Ties play the kind of knotted, noisy metalcore that you couldn't get away from 10 years ago (think Converge, Botch, Coalesce, etc.) and that all but disappeared during the late '00s. The style appears to be coming back into favor a bit now, which is good because it can be awesome when done correctly.

Mercy Ties do it correctly on their new A Dim Lit Place EP (even if there's an adjective/adverb error in the title). We've got a song from the EP streaming over at Invisible Oranges this morning. Here's an excerpt from the writeup:

Their press sheet namechecks Botch (inevitably, given their hometown), but their pacing and delivery are far more frenetic. "The Gauntlet" is the kind of song that takes an hour or two to write on guitar but a month in the practice room to really finish. It's basically through-composed. Two-steppy fast parts stand in for verses while grooves mimic choruses, but nothing ever really repeats -- you're just jerked from part to part for ninety seconds. This stuff satisfies primarily on the brainstem level. You feel it coming for a moment, and then it's happening; when it's over, you feel better, though it's hard to articulate why. The Mercy Ties effect is aided by a roomy mix and a mastering job that mercifully does not redline the way many of their touchstones did.

You can read the whole thing over at IO. A Dim Lit Place comes out on December 17. You can preorder it here. Mercy Ties also have more music available on their Bandcamp. Stream "The Gauntlet" below...