by Wyatt Marshall

Unlocking the Truth at Afro-Punk Fest 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

Earlier this year, ears were turned when video emerged on YouTube of a trio of pint-sized metalheads destroying the streets of NYC. Their synchronized headbanging, shred skills, and massive breakdowns were the real deal. Their name: Unlocking the Truth.

Unlocking the Truth may need to get dropped off at their gigs, but they're sharing the stage with some big names at some pretty big shows. They recently shared a billing with metal legends Slayer (who just played The Theatre at MSG) at Fun Fun Fun Fest and played Afro-Punk Fest earlier this year. Now they're scoring pretty sweet deals--they're already sponsored by ESP guitars, and here they are looking super dapper in their own br00tal take on "Jingle Bells" (Jingle Hells?) that they recorded as part of a Cole Haan promotion. Slaying with style, for sure.

Video of Unlocking the Truth destroying Christmas, "Master of Puppets" and more below...