Metallica will headline five US festivals in 2020, playing two nights at each, and promising different setlists across all ten sets. They're also holding their second annual charity concert in San Francisco on March 28, 2020; playing the big Live Aid-style Global Citizen Festival on September 26, 2020; and touring South America with Greta Van Fleet.


Guns N' Roses continue to slowly add dates, including headlining slots at the three South American Lollapaloozas in 2020, which also feature Lana Del Rey, The Strokes, Travis Scott, Vampire Weekend, and more. Meanwhile, their fall tour continues at ACL Fest and Exit 111 Fest this weekend. All GNR dates here.


Power Trip have tons of tour dates coming up, including a North American run with High On Fire, their own festival in Dallas, in 2020, and a 2020 EU/UK run with Lamb of God and Kreator. They'll also have a new exclusive tour 7" flexi at the dates with High On Fire. All dates and more info here.


Metal-friendly Nordic dark folk band Heilung are bringing their viking show on their first-ever North American tour.


NYHC vets Sheer Terror have been touring a lot this year, and they're about to head back out on the road for a fall tour, including several dates with Eyehategod and Negative Approach. They also just scheduled a 35th anniversary hometown show happening February 15, 2020 at The Factory (23 Meadow St in Brooklyn) with The Templars, Crazy Eddie, and The Fight. All dates here.


Metallic hardcore greats Integrity have two tours coming up, one in November and one in January.


Genre-defying Chicago metal band Immortal Bird have announced a headlining December tour supporting this year's very good Thrive on Neglect.


Wraith are a blackened thrash trio from Indiana that released an awesome album called Absolute Power in August, Misfits cover included. Heavy Blog is Heavy just dubbed it one of last quarter's best thrash releases, and we couldn't agree more. High Command -- a band who has been on our radar since their great album came out in September -- is also on that list, and both of those bands will also meet up for a show we'd love to be at with Predator and Enforced in Chicago on 10/26. That show appears to be a one-off for Wraith (whose only other advertised date is Blades of Steel Metal Festival in April 2020), but it is just one of the stops on the tour High Command and Enforced are doing together.


American Nightmare have announced a 20th anniversary tour for next year.


Reunited mathcore vets Curl Up and Die added a second NYC reunion show, and this one's with another reunited band, Caravels, who first made their return opening for CUAD in their shared home state of Nevada.


Ozzy Osbourne is postponing his forthcoming Europe/UK tour again, after re-aggravating a neck injury which required surgery. His 2020 North American tour will go on as scheduled.


Here is your reminder that the mighty VOIVOD are now out on tour with Revocation (hitting the soon-to-close Brooklyn Bazaar this weekend), but they are not the only legendary Canadian thrash band still rocking this week. RAZOR were just announced on the lineup of Power Trip's festival in Dallas, ANNIHILATOR are back with a new track and are about to head out on a big trek across Europe where EXCITER are also touring before the year is over.


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