Michigan metalcore band Wounded Touch will follow their 2019 debut EP From Day 0 Forward (and their 2020 split with Binary and The Burning Wind) with their first full-length, AMERICANXIETY, on March 4 via Smartpunk Records (pre-order). The album was recorded by former Weekend Nachos member Andy Nelson, and it includes the recently-released lead single "Excerpts from a Violent Thesis" (which features The Black Dahlia Murder's Trevor Strnad), as well as new single "Condolences and Autumn Nights," which premieres in this post.

"‘Condolences and Autumn Nights’ is about my closest friend passing away at the end of 2020," vocalist Nick Holland tells us. "There are lines that contain specific details only she would understand, and I’d like those to remain that way, but the lyrics aren’t about the manner of her death, but to remind me of her greatest qualities of hopefulness and the ability to at all times see the best in others and how I can only hope to one day achieve even a fraction of her selflessness."

Musically, it's a dark, devastating, forward-thinking metalcore song that's cut from a similar cloth as what bands like Knocked Loose and Vein.fm are doing right now, and if that sounds up your alley, you should definitely not miss out on Wounded Touch. Listen and watch the visualizer below.

1. On Serrated Heartstrings
2. Condolences and Autumn Nights
3. The Splinter Waltz
4. Excerpts from a Violent Thesis (ft. Trevor Strnad)
5. Routes of Transmission
6. Americanxiety
7. Translating Threats in Morse Code
8. Enemy Chords
9. A Prayer's Unwanted Answer
10. The Killing of a Year
11. The Last Night of Autumn (Refrain)

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