Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has shared his favorite albums of the month on Instagram, and they're both excellent, if decidedly non-metal, picks: St. Vincent's MASSEDUCTION (one of our favorite albums of 2017) and Thom Yorke's score for Suspiria.

Kirk isn't just casually listening to these, either. He adds, "inspiration for my next solo composition perhaps?" While Kirk has discussed the possibility of doing a solo album, he has something else in mind for this piece. "I mean for a companion piece to my next museum show in Toronto," he said on Twitter. "Not an album and Not Metallica related."

The museum show in question is "It's Alive," featuring Kirk's extensive collection of classic horror and sci-fi posters (he's a big horror fan). The exhibit will open in Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum on July 13, 2019, and run until January 5, 2020.