Longtime Metallica bassist, former Suicidal Tendencies bassist, Ozzy Osbourne collaborator and more Robert Trujillo is the latest guest on Fucked Up vocalist Damian Abraham's Turned Out A Punk podcast, and during his appearance on the show, he talked about his love for the current hardcore scene, which he says his kids (including his son Tye of the band OTTTO) helped turn him onto.

"This music is still here, and vibrant," Rob said. "There are hardcore bands that are kicking ass, and that whole movement is growing. I see it with my kids, because they're listening to some of these bands--a lot of them--and just loving it, and they're getting me into it now! Bands like Vein.fm and Sunami and Terror and these different groups. I'm getting sucked in too and I'm like the oldest guy at the gig. I'm sitting there like an old man and I'm watching all this go down [laughs]. So I feel like there's something brewing, and that excites me."

They also talk about growing up in the culture of punk, L.A. backyard shows, lessons learned from Lulu, new Metallica album 72 Seasons, and more. The new hardcore talk comes in around the 30-minute mark. Listen to the full episode below.

Metallica will be on tour soon.

UPDATE: Listen to Sammy from Drain talk more about Robert and his kids attending the LA hardcore fest where he saw Sunami, Vein, and Terror, in addition to hanging with Drain and more, on the BrooklynVegan podcast.

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