Despite President Donald Trump suggesting on Thursday that injecting disinfectants into our lungs might be a way to combat the coronavirus, the medical and scientific community at large, the makers of Lysol, and just about anyone with common sense have all come out to say that no one should do this as it could kill you. Hat tip to the AV Club for pointing out that Adult Swim series Metalocalypse already demonstrated that putting bleach into your body was a bad idea in an episode from 2009. In the Season 3 episode "Dethhealth," a near-death experience has band Dethklok's management suggest they all go to the doctor for a checkup. The band, who've been abusing their bodies forever, think they need to clean up their acts before doing so, however, leading to the suggested shortcut of drinking bleach to "trick the doctor into thinking we're in really good shape." Needless to say, it was not a good idea and hilarity ensues...because this is a cartoon and not real life. Watch that clip below.

Meanwhile, if you're new to the brutal, funny world of Metalocalypse -- which ran for four seasons from 2006-2013 -- Adult Swim has made the entire series free to watch via their website and makes for excellent binge-viewing.

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