Metronomy are back with their fifth album, Summer 08, which will be out July 1 via Because. It was made for the most part in a two week period entirely by Joe Mount (“apart from a little Hammond organ”), who says the new album is much more upbeat than 2014’s pastoral, melancholy Love Letters. He was on Annie Mac’s BBC 1 show today and told her that Summer 08 is “the most fun thing I’ve done in a long time.” He was on the show to debut the album’s first single “Old Skool” which was mixed by Beastie Boys collaborator Mixmaster Mike and is definitely funkier than anything on Love Letters. (Robyn features on another song.) You can stream it below.

UPDATE: The band have released the official video for “Old Skool,” directed by veteran video-maker Dawn Shadforth (she did Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” among others), making the song the soundtrack to a ’70s style suburban party, complete with trays of crudités, deviled eggs, and deli meats. You may recognize, amongst the guests, Sharon Horgan from Catastrophe and Ben Crompton (“Dolorous Edd” from Game of Thrones) Old skool indeed. Watch that, and check out album art and tracklist, below.

Metronomy also have a feature on Crack which catches us up with Mount and the rest of the band. Watch a video for that feature, below.


Metronomy – Summer 08 tracklist
01 Back Together
02 Miami Logic
03 Old Skool [ft. Mixmaster Mike]
04 16 Beat
05 Hang Me Out To Dry [ft. Robyn]
06 Mick Slow
07 My House
08 Night Owl
09 Love’s Not an Obstacle
10 Summer Jam