Tachys, the new collaborative project of Mew vocalist Jonas Bjerre and Blue Foundation's Tobias Wilner (who's appeared on multiple Mew albums), debuted with "When The World Wakes Up" in June, and here's their second single, "Signify." The first single was a Mew-like dream pop song, but this one goes into darker, murkier territory. It comes with a video directed by Tobias, who says that both the song and video deal "with the relentless bombardment of stimulus we experience in our world, what that does to our minds and our calmness, and how we see ourselves." He continues:

You can sometimes feel life is a fragment, a disconnected dream that has no continuity. Knowing this. Knowing that you might be crazy doesn't make the crazy things stop happening.

Some of the footage and VFX are created in cooperation with Jonas Bjerre. We have a very childlike and spontaneous workflow.

We both wanted to create a dreamlike state.

The fine line between the dream state and reality can at times be quite grey. Sometimes life can feel like a waking dream, or like a double-dream with a false awakening. The dream only becomes comprehensible given the fuller perspective of life after you wake up, or maybe, the pictures never stop.

The video to the song “Signify” has been shot in Brooklyn, Paris, Copenhagen, Moscow, Miami, Shanghai and Guadalajara by Jonas Bjerre, Jais Hansen, Hugo A. López, Kamonie, Anatoly Solon and myself.

I collected all the footage and edited it together at my studio.

Watch below...

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