Way back in 2019, mewithoutYou had said 2020 would be their "last [year] as an active band," and that before calling it quits, they'd do a tour playing 2006's classic Brother, Sister in full. COVID delayed those plans, but mewithoutYou are now finally on their Brother, Sister tour, which began in Pennsylvania on Saturday (12/4) and runs through December 14, before picking back up again in January of 2022. The band haven't clarified when exactly they plan to begin their hiatus, but this seems like it might be their final tour, so see them if you can.

I caught the NYC show at Le Poisson Rouge last night (12/5), and it was everything you'd hope for. Even more so than Catch For Us The Foxes -- which mewithoutYou played in full on a 10th anniversary tour in 2014 -- Brother, Sister is an album that needs to be heard from start to finish, and seeing mewithoutYou perform it front to back made for one of the most seamless sets I've ever seen them play. Several songs segued directly into the next, including all three "Spider" songs, which found Aaron Weiss grabbing his acoustic guitar and providing transitions that were at smooth as the ones on the album. Aaron only spoke once between songs (and only interrupted the set once to jokingly respond to a fan who yelled out "1! 2! 3! 4!" during the break in "O, Porcupine" - "why don't you just join the band?"), adding to how transportive the songs already felt. And making things even more mesmerizing, mewithoutYou extended a few of the songs to make room for some hypnotic psychedelic jams. As much as Brother, Sister is a meticulously crafted studio work -- a genre-defying post-hardcore masterpiece that injects the genre with Radiohead riffs, Beach Boys harmonies, folk songs, accordions, and more -- Sunday night's show reminded you that mewithoutYou can also be a loose, unpredictable live band, and it was nice to see them shake up Brother, Sister's perfection with a little improvisation.

After the album portion of the show wrapped up, mewithoutYou took a quick break before coming back for seven more songs, and instead of doing a selection of fan fave classics, they pulled primarily from their three most recent albums (including two solo acoustic songs by Aaron) and wrapped up the show by dusting off the [A→B] Life deep cut "Silencer." Considering there may not be many more chances to see them, it was a treat to get some of the songs that haven't been played as often.

The show was opened by Dominic Angelella, playing as a power trio, who also filled in on bass with mewithoutYou as he's done on multiple tours in the past -- Aaron said on stage that they were bad at taking requests because they only just found out Dominic would be playing with them a few days prior -- and during his set, Dominic said something to the effect of: "I always loved mewithoutYou, but it wasn't until playing with them and learning how to play their songs that I realized they're the best band in the world." Another treat: Vasily Kafanov, who has designed all of mewithoutYou's album artwork, was on hand and selling prints at the show. Did you pick one up?

The tour continues in DC tonight (12/6). All remaining dates are listed, alongside mewithoutYou's setlist and some fan-shot pics and videos from LPR, below.

mewithoutYou @ LPR - 12/5/21 Setlist (via)
Brother, Sister:
Messes of Men
The Dryness and the Rain
Wolf Am I! (And Shadow)
Yellow Spider
A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains
Nice and Blue (Pt. Two)
The Sun and the Moon
Orange Spider
In a Market Dimly Lit
O, Porcupine
Brownish Spider
In a Sweater Poorly Knit

2,459 Miles
(Aaron solo acoustic)
Magic Lantern Days
(Aaron solo acoustic)
9:27a.m., 7/29
February, 1878
Mexican War Streets


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