mewithoutYou -- who are back with bassist Greg Jehanian -- said earlier this year that they were finishing work on a new Will Yip-produced album that they plan to release this fall. They also said it would be a heavier album for them, and going by new single "Julia (or, 'Holy to the LORD' on the Bells of Horses)" it sure sounds like they're in heavier territory. The song kinds of has a sludgy wall-of-sound vibe that mwY have never really shown before, with Aaron Weiss burying and adding effects to his sung vocals in a shoegaze/dream pop sort of way, and also busting out some of the most ferocious screams of his career in the background. Their last album, Pale Horses, sorta sounded like the culmination of everything mewithoutYou had done up to that point, but "Julia" sounds like the start of a new chapter.

Still no word on album details (like title, release date, etc), but they did post the above picture. (Album cover? New logo?) Listen to the new song (which is out now on Run For Cover) below.

mewithoutYou were also one of the 150+ artists to sign the campaign to save Seattle's Showbox.

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