by Rob Sperry-Fromm

MGLA - Excercises in Futility

Polish black metal greats Mgla have a new album out now. Its called Exercises In Futility and it's a ripper, brutal and surprisingly catchy in equal measure. Stream it below.

Mgla will be going on a US tour in November that includes two days of NYC's Martyrdoom Festival, which goes from November 6 - 10 at Saint Vitus. All Mgla dates are listed below

The first Martyrdoom show they play is 11/6 with Necrophobic, Kommandant, Paroxsihzem and Vorde. Then they play the 11/8 show with their tourmates Mortuary Drape and Sangus, plus Demonomancy, Black Anvil and Phobocosm. The 11/6 show is sold out, but tickets for all other Martyrdoom shows (including the pre-party at Acheron) are still available.

Check out the full Martyrdoom schedule, with Mgla's tour dates and album stream, below...


Mgla-- 2015 Tour Dates
Nov 6 - NYC - Martyrdoom Fest
Nov 7 - Cambridge, MA
Nov 8 - NYC - Martyrdoom Fest
Nov 10 - Baltimore, MD
Nov 11 - Columbus, OH
Nov 12 - Chicago, IL
Nov 13 - Milwaukee, WI
Nov 14 - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 15 - Oakland, CA
Nov 17 - Portland, OR
Nov 18 - Seattle, WA
Dec 3 - Brussels, BEL - Nidrosian Black Mass Fest
Dec 7 - Leiden, NED
Dec 8 - London, UK
Dec 9 - Paris, FRA
Dec 10 - Salzburg, AUT
Dec 11 - Prague, CZE
Dec 12 - Krakow, POL
Dec 18 - Berlin, GE - De Mortem et Diabolum Fest


Martyrdoom -- 2015 Schedule
11/6: Necrophobic, MGLA, Kommandant, Paroxsihzem, Vorde (SOLD OUT)

11/7: Ride For Revenge, Nightbringer, Gonkulator, Blood Incantation, Sabbath Assembly, Spectral Voice

11/8: Mortuary Drape, Demonomancy, Black Anvil, Phobocosm, Sangus, Mgla

11/9: Mortuary Drape, Omnizide, Kill, the Howling Wind, Discordia

11/10: Bombers, Malthusian, Bell Witch, Luminous Vault

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