...which ended up being a big fail....


You have won a chance to be part of an extraordinary MGMT event. The MGMTmobile will be visiting 6 cities, and we are challenging YOU to come find it

We will reveal clues to the location 1 hour prior to arrival. The first 6 people to this location will be part of a very special MGMT experience. Be sure to stay tuned as we reveal each city below. [Where is MGMT?]

This show "event" starts at 5pm?

This is NOT a show. My guess: they're going to play the record for people that get there in time.
UPDATE 2: And it's not even for that many people. The first people that got there went into a van I think.
UPDATE 3: The first few people that got there were loaded in a van. The rest saw "MGMT Was Here" written in on the sidewalk and were GIVEN A BUTTON!

Sorry I ever even posted about this. :-( -- Lame stunt.

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