Metronomy's terrific third album, The English Riviera, turns 10 this year and to celebrate the band are reissuing it as a double vinyl set that features the original album -- including recent classics "The Bay," "Everything Goes My Way" and everyone's favorite Metronomy song, "The Look" -- on the first disc, and then the second disc has six previously unreleased outtakes on the first side and a cool etching of the cover art palm trees on the flip. It's out April 30 via Because Music.

Additionally, the band have are also releasing a few new remixes of the album's songs, and have just shared this new remix of "The Look" by MGMT. Their version feels almost like an '80s remix where all the original elements are still there -- the keyboard hook, the bassline -- but now in slightly different places. You can listen to that, and watch the original video, below.

You can also watch a video for one of the 10th Anniversary Edition's bonus tracks, "Picking Up For You." Meanwhile, Metronomy recently joined Bandcamp and pretty much everything they've ever released is there.