Michael Imperioli is probably still best-known for playing Christopher on The Sopranos, but he's now also known as a podcaster, and as anyone who follows him on social media knowns, is a huge music fan. He's also a musician, and has played in bands for the last 20 years. His current group is Zopa, who released their debut album, La Dolce Vita, last year. (La Dolce Vita was what his band used to be called.) The album distills 50 years of New York rock, from glammy '70s flourishes to early punk and indie rock. You can listen below.

Zopa are playing NYC's Mercury Lounge on August 13 & 14. The 8/13 show (tickets) is with Bachslider, while the 8/14 show (sold out) is a benefit for the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. and also has Girl Dick on the bill.

Zopa are also playing Seattle's Freakout Fest this fall.

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