The Rolling Stones recently had The War on Drugs remix "Scarlet" in celebration of the upcoming deluxe reissue of Goats Head Soup. (The original track, one of the rarities available for the first time as part of the reissue, features Jimmy Page on guitar.) Mick Jagger and War on Drugs' Adam Granduciel appeared today on Apple Music Radio to talk about the remix, the reissue and more.

"I thought that Adam might be interested in doing it," Mick told Apple Music Radio's Matt Wilkinson. "I thought he could do a good job, and make something slightly different. Because we got the original one, so I think that original classic version that we recorded with Jimmy and Keith and ... I mean, that sounds really great, but it's always good to have another take on it. So I thought Adam would do it, respecting the original, but doing something slightly different with it. And he did."

Mick then admits, "I never heard of Adam before (laughs) I never heard of War on Drugs. No, funny enough, I didn't hear the first War on Drugs album I realized. I realized that I heard the last one and the one before, I heard those two. And I always come to them a bit late with tracks like Red Eyes and Pain and things like that. So I was a bit late on it’."

Adam, meanwhile, talked a little about not wanting to mess the with drums too much on "Scarlett," as there was a rumor that Ginger Baker played on it. "I remember early, when the project came to me, there was talk that the original drummer was Ginger Baker from Cream. And so that was the myth for a minute. And I felt so bad that I had taken the groove and changed it. I was like, "I can't believe I messed with Ginger Baker.'" Mick called Jimmy Page, however, who told him Baker was not on the song. "He remembers everything. He says, 'No, it definitely wasn't Ginger.' And then we went to look and did some more research and we found out who it was, and he remembered everything. It was in Ronnie's basement. I said, 'Well, why wasn't Ronnie playing?' 'I don't know.' And it was at his house, but Ronnie wasn't playing. I mean, Ronnie's not the sort of person standing around not wanting to play’.

The deluxe edition of Goat's Head Soup is out September 4 and there are more remixes to come -- this Friday, The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont will take a stab at "Scarlett" too. They also recently released an official video for "Scarlett" (the original version) featuring actor Paul Mescal who you may know from his Emmy-nominated role in terrific Hulu drama Normal People. You can watch that below.

The interview also touched on what was next for The Rolling Stones, who released new song "Living in a Ghost Town" earlier this year. "The Stones were in the studio and we got some tracks that we hadn't finished. So I've been trying to finish those and do the vocals and some other parts," Mick said. "It's been a bit difficult because, I mean, we haven't really felt that we could really get together all in the same room since March. So we were supposed to get together and record, and now it's, I don't know about everyone else, but it seems still that we're in this kind of limbo, unknown situation where every week is a different thing that happens. So you just have to ... I mean, I'm just trying to work as hard as I can. I'm trying to do new songs and make good demos and things like that, and have fun and enjoy myself, and I speak to the rest of the band and stuff. But so I'm sure we'll get together as soon as we can."

You can listen to clips from the interview below.


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