Tren BrothersTren Brothers

Catch Australia's Mick Turner & Jim White (2/3 of The Dirty Three) as the Tren Brothers this Saturday afternoon (today, 5/8) at Sound Fix Records. The free Brooklyn in-store kicks off at 2pm.

Catch Mick Turner & Jim White as the reunited Venom P Stinger on Wednesday May 12th at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn...

:: VENOM P STINGER -- legendary Melbourne punk band, Mick Turner & Jim White of the Dirty Three
:::: Fresh Kills
:: dj Brian Turner from WFMU
20 Meadow St btwn Waterbury St & Bogart St | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Grand, G-Metropolitan | 8pm | all ages | $8
"VENOM P STINGER were born out of the mid eighties post Birthday Party Melbourne music scene, the original members had come from bands Sick Things, Fungus Brains, People with chairs up their noses, Moodists, Beach Nuts, Orchestra skin and bone to name a few. They played from 1985 until the early nineties. Members included Jim White (drums), Mick Turner (guitar) both later of Dirty Three, and Dugald McKenzie (vocals, sadly departed) and Alan Secher-Jensen (bass). the music a kind of intense slight jazz inflicted punk, brought back to life here with Tim Evans (Bird Blobs) on vocal and Shahzad Ismaily on bass." - All Tomorrow's Parties

Catch Vemon P Stinger on Saturday, May 15th at the Pavement-curated ATP Festival (happening in England - the reason they got back together). Check out some videos below...

VENOM P. STINGER - Walking About

VENOM P. STINGER - 26 Milligrams

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