Migos member Takeoff has been sued by a woman who is accusing him of raping her, TMZ reports. The suit, which was filed anonymously with the accuser listed only as Jane Doe, claims that the rape happened in the bedroom of Migos' DJ, producer, and engineer DJ Durel, aka Daryl McPherson, at a house party in Encino, CA in late June. Durel invited her to the party, according to the suit, and her lawyer Neama Rahmani told New York Times that she believed she was being invited to a date.

According to the suit, Takeoff, whose full name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, took an interest in Jane Doe which made her uncomfortable. She told Durel this, she says, and he told her he'd take her upstairs to his room. Heading there on the staircase, she says they encountered Takeoff, who argued with Durel. Jane Doe says she then left them and went to Durel's room on her own, where she lay down on his bed. It was around 2 AM at the time, according to the suit, and shortly after, it says that Takeoff came in and started touching her.

Jane Doe says she told Takeoff she didn't want to have sex, but the suit reads that he took off her clothes and forcibly raped her, leaving the room afterwards. She later left, she says, and a friend took her to the hospital later in the day, where the suit says "physical evidence of forceful rape" was observed by staff. They alerted the Los Angeles Police Department, who confirmed that an investigation had been opened.

However, Rahmani said that the police haven't spoken with his client since responding to the hospital. "This rape happened approximately a month-and-a-half ago," he said. "No arrests have been made, no charges have been filed. So, hopefully between witnesses, additional evidence and the media's spotlight on this case, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office will do the right thing and move the criminal case forward."

Jane Doe is seeking damages for an undisclosed amount with the lawsuit, and Rahmani says he is trying to have Takeoff "charged, convicted and sentenced to state prison."

Representatives for Migos and Takeoff did not respond to requests for comment from TMZ or XXL.

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