by Andrew Frisicano

As you may have heard, it looks like Mika Miko's NYC shows they played in June will be their last in the city. The band told L.A. Times that they plan on breaking up after playing Fun Fun Fun Fest, which take place in Austin November 7th and 8th.

"There's no bad blood at all, we're all still really good friends" said guitarist Michelle Suarez. "We've just been a band since high school and all of us are ready to move onto different things. We started the band for fun and wanted to end on a positive note."...But Suarez cited returns to school, new projects, jobs and relationships as things that being in a touring act might thwart. "We finally realized it was just taking too long for us to make music," Suarez said. "And business-wise, everything is so hard to coordinate."

The L.A. Times goes on to say that the band plans to release a 7" and is working on setting up a final show at L.A. venue The Smell (a space recently documented on DVD). Mika Miko's newest record, We Be Xuxa, came out earlier this year and runs in the Cali punk tradition with wormy, direct riffs and crypto-bubblegum lyrics. They sing into telephones, they break out into free-jazz sax solos, they play fast, loud and will be missed.

As just noted, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin will be one of their final shows. Want to see it for free? We have a pair of tickets to giveaway for the whole weekend. Details on how to win, with some videos, including some classic Nardwuar, are below...

Nardwuar vs. Mika Miko - "people have thrown up on us and we'll just keep playing"


Mika Miko - I Got A Lot (New New New)

Mika Miko in Business cats

MIKA MIKO "TOTION" music video

"Capricorinations" by Mika Miko

TO WIN FFFFest tix: Email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Mika Miko!) with your first and last name. We'll pick a winner at random and get back to them.

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