Last year Mikal Cronin released Seeker, his first album in four years, but turns out it was one of two versions of the album he had made. The other version was made with vintage analogue synthesizers and is titled Switched On Seeker, a reference to the "Switched On" albums Wendy Carlos made in the '60s/'70s that were synthesizer takes on Bach and other composers. (Stereolab referenced them on their first album, too.)

For the album, Cronin used the Arturia DrumBrute, Moog Sub 37, Moog Mother-32, Hohner String Performer, Mellotron, Omnichord, "various little Casios," Roland SH-01A, Korg R3, and classic drum machine samples. As the Switched On version of "Guardian Well" shows, the results are more than just novelty, turning the Petty-esque original into something much more cosmic. You can listen to that (and the original) below.

Switched on Seeker is out digitally on June 30 via Merge, with the vinyl out August 29, which is the first of three Record Store Day "drops". You can check out the cover art and tracklist below.

Meanwhile, Cronin will perform a "switched on" livestream set from Los Angeles' Zebulon on July 1 via the venue's YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for more details.

switched on seeker mikal cronin

Mikal Cronin - Switched On Seeker tracklist
1. Shelter - Switched On
2. Show Me - Switched On
3. Feel It All - Switched On
4. Fire - Switched On
5. Sold - Switched On
6. I’ve Got Reason - Switched On
7. Caravan - Switched On
8. Guardian Well - Switched On 05:09
9. Lost a Year - Switched On
10. On the Shelf - Switched On

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