On New Year's Eve, Mattachine and Mikau--two metalcore bands that both share members with the great screamo band Infant Island--teamed up for a collaborative song, the synth-infused metalcore banger "Unlucky Channel." Today, they've announced a split EP, Eject Modernity, Erase Tradition, featuring that song and two songs by each band separately, due February 24 via Acrobat Unstable (pre-order). Along with the announcement comes one of Mikau's songs, "Offal Platter," and here's what vocalist John Irby says about it:

"Offal Platter" was originally an electronic track that Austin had written ages ago. We had been wanting to use it for awhile and jumped at the opportunity to flesh it out for this release. I added some super simple guitar parts, and Adam worked his production magic to blend everything together with the original project. Regarding the lyrical content, all three of us staunchly support animal rights, and I just wanted to write something direct and to-the-point to put our stance out there

With its stuttering breakbeats, you can definitely hear how "Offal Platter" started out as an electronic song, but they've transformed it into in-your-face industrial metalcore. It's a rager and you can check it out below.

1. Mattachine - Homosocial
2. Mattachine - Love Song
3. Mattachine, Mikau - Unlucky Channel
4. Mikau - Offal Platter
5. Mikau - Desktop Surgery

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