In Mike's own words:

It's me, Mike. That p'awkward idiot who jumped through the window in his sleep. Happy Thanksgiving! I feel genuinely thankful for you.

I have performed my all-new show "Thank God For Jokes" in EIGHTY CITIES in the last two years. Are there eighty cities in America? Yes, and 2,019 Applebee's. But I'm not here to tell you about Riblets™.

I'm here to tell you that my final stop for "Jokes" is New York City.

For six weeks I'll be performing "Thank God for Jokes" in the beautiful and intimate Lynn Redgrave Theater, the same theatre where I debuted Sleepwalk with Me eight years ago. To this day I have people come up to me on the street and tell me about seeing Sleepwalk there 8 years ago. We put our hearts into these off-Broadway shows. We have a Tony award winning set designer Beowulf Boritt. We have our award-winning director Seth Barrish. I have honed the material to be the most precise, finely tuned, funniest show I can possibly conceive. It will be a blast. I promise.

And I'm telling you first. Because here's the thing. Theater tickets are insanely expensive. I know. I get it. It's absurd. So I'm giving you the first chance to buy tickets today at a discount. Before a press release goes out. Before there's a single ad or subway poster. When you use the code "JOKES" you can buy tickets for 35 bucks plus fees. (4 bucks).

Be one of the first 150 orders and get this free screen print. Thanks designer Adam Jeffers!

And because it's Black Friday and we've just gone on sale, Joe Bags is sending the first 150 people who order tickets this limited edition screen print of the show, as well as my signed Christmas card. That way you put the poster under the tree/menorah, you hand your sweetie the card, and you say, this is for the show I also got you tickets for. Boom.

One last thing. Maybe don't bring kids under 13 or so. Or 16, depending on your kid and how terrible a parent you are. This show is written for adults. It's about jokes and thus the language is sometimes not what you'd hear on the radio or on Jimmy Fallon. That said, it's not gratuitous. It's extremely precise to the word and I'm very proud of that. So adults, rejoice. You will laugh your balls off.

Okay, that's it. I love you guys. Be safe. Don't drink and drive, hit me, and then make me pay for the car.


UPDATE: the discount code only works for the first 10 shows.

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