by Klaus Kinski

Mike Birbiglia cutting Kristen Schaal cake in Williamsburg (more by David Andrako)
Backstage Photos by David Andrako

I have a summer cold. An endless supply of watery snot is dripping down the back of my throat into my lungs and out my nostrils onto my mustache (which is part of a larger beard. I don't have just a mustache. Perish the thought). The air conditioning in my windowless office is relentless and exacerbating my various body aches. I am listening to "The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking" by Roger Waters and my office is currently lit by a single light bulb. The scene is... grim. But there's a silver lining. I just noticed that Klaus favorite Mike Birbiglia is going to be performing at the ever-so-tiny Union Hall on Sunday July 29th at 7:30pm. Tickets are currently on sale, but don't dawdle because they're going to be gone faster than you can say "Linsanity."

Mike recently had the honor of kicking off BAMcinemafest back in June with the premiere of his directorial debut movie Sleepwalk With Me, which he also starred in and which is based on his blockbuster one man show of the same name. Tons of Birbiglia dates are listed below.

He also performed at the big Williamsburg Park edition of Pretty Good Friends. More pictures from that show (Jon Hamm and Bobcat Goldthwait included) HERE and a couple more below with all Birbigs dates...

Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia

2012/2013 Mike Birbiglia Tour Dates
24 - Brooklyn, NY Union Hall

7-9: DC IMPROV - 5 Shows
10: Atlantic City, NJ
11: St. Louis, MO - STL Area Foodbank Benefit

19: Santa Fe, NM
20: Durango, CO
21: Mesa, AZ Get Tickets July 2!
22: Palm Desert, CA
23: Lancaster, CA Get Tickets June 19!

4: Iowa City, IA
5: Omaha, NE
6: Kansas City, MO
18: Baltimore, MD
19: Richmond, VA
20: Norfolk, VA
25-29: Chicago, IL (Originally Scheduled for 6/12-17)

1: Turlock, CA
2: Thousand Oaks, CA
3: Irvine, CA
4: Santa Barbara, CA
15: Ann Arbor, MI
16: Columbus, OH
17: Toledo, OH

14: Springfield, MO
15: Bloomington, IL

11: Austin, TX
12: Dallas, TX
24: Tampa, FL
25: Coral Springs, FL
26: Orlando, FL

8: Worcester, MA
9: Burlington, VT

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