Mike Doughty's Ghost of Vroom have announced a new album, Ghost of Vroom 3, which will be out September 1 via Mod Y VII. The trio -- Doughty, bassist Andrew “Scrap” Livingston, and drummer Madden Klass -- once again worked with producer Mario Caldato Jr (Beastie Boys, Beck). Check out the artwork and tracklist below.

“It’s a dream, and a groove, and its language is an object,” writes The Ice Storm author Rick Moody, who penned the bio for this album, “one that leads beyond where Doughty started, into a life of greater improvisation, the aleatory, the migratory, the dilatory, hand signals, dropping in and dropping out the kid goes for broke, and here makes one of the great records of his life, a thing of its time, a thing of another time, a thing that makes dreams out of time, and a thing of great beauty, and, let it be said, acceleration, here it is the third of three, like hypothesis, antithesis, synthesis, GHOST OF VROOM 3.”

The new single from the album is its opening song, "Pay the Man," a typically groovy, Doughty-esque mix of jazz, funk and spoken word. Listen to that, and watch a documentary short about the making of the album, below.


Pay the Man
Still Getting It Done
Let Up
As the Kid Goes for Broke
Yesterday In California
Reign of the Hummingbird
Your Bones in the Mud
Raincheck Jones
Cold Smoke
Slipping Off Your Wrist
I Had to Do It

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