Mike Park is a ska lifer who's led or co-led Skankin' Pickle, The Bruce Lee Band, The Chinkees (who have a new EP), and others over the years, and Catbite are not just one of the best new ska bands around, but Mike Park's favorite new ska band (as he recently told us). So it's great news that they just teamed up for this song, "You Feel Like You're In Quicksand," and it's not surprisingly an awesome collaboration. It's an upbeat ska track that finds Mike Park and Catbite bringing out the best in each other. Mike says:

There's a band from Philadelphia called Catbite that I absolutely adore. The vocalist is named Brittany Luna and I am honored to have been able to sing this song with her.

Thank you to my bae Kevin Higuchi for rocking the drums, Randy Moore for playing guitars, and Steve Borth for the sax. Why didn't I play sax you ask? I suck!!

These past 7 months have been insane for me. It feels like groundhogs day meets twilight zone meets a bad dream. So much toxicity and anger and hatred and fighting. This song kind of sums up the way I've been feeling. Hope you'll give it a listen.

This is Mike Park's second collaborative song in the past month, following his Sparks cover with Augusta Koch.


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