You might know Mike Viola from his underrated '90s/'00s band Candy Butchers, or as the voice behind "That Thing You Do" (from the movie of the same name), or his production work with Jenny Lewis, Fall Out Boy and more. Mike's new album, Godmuffin, will be out December 11 and he made it by himself using analogue equipment which really suits his classic pop style. “The recording is linear, 'cause I can’t punch and fix things very easily, especially when I’m playing drums," says Mike. "On the computer, you can repair all of your mistakes ‘til you sound perfect. Or even worse, tune or beat detective the life out of it. I prefer rock music that’s beautifully flawed."

The new single off the album is "We May Never Be This Young Again," a gorgeous, old-fashioned slow-dance number. Mike says it's about "Leaning on love for the answers here," adding, "It touches upon the modern methods of false transformation. 'All the chemicals in our hair, all the needles in our face, what exactly are we trying to erase?' When all the real transformation is only possible through love."

The song makes its premiere in this post and you can listen below.

Pre-order Godmuffin here.

mike viola-cover

01. USA Up All Night
02. Creeper
03. Drug Rug
04. We May Never Be This Young Again
05. All You Can Eat
06. The Littles
07. Superkid 2, Trying To Do The Thing I Was Born To Do
08. Honorable Mention With Jam Show
09. People Pleaser, You’re The Man Of The House Now
10. Ordinary Girl
11. That Seems Impossible Now

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