Legendary Minutemen bassist Mike Watt has announced an exciting live album. Columbia Legacy are releasing a live album culled from Watt's 1995 tour behind his solo album Ball-Hog or Tugboat?. The openers on that tour were a pre-hugeness Foo Fighters and the Eddie Vedder-featuring Hovercraft, and Mike used Eddie, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Foo Fighters/Sunny Day Real Estate drummer William Goldsmith as his live band. The resultant live album, "Ring Spiel" Tour '95 was recorded at the band's show at the Metro in Chicago. It is due for release on November 11, and pre-orders are available now.

In related news, Pat Smear's old Germs bandmate Don Bolles (who in more recent years has drummed for Ariel Pink) is reuniting his Phoenix-based pre-Germs band Exterminators. The reunion also includes vocalist Johnny Macho and guitarist Buzzy Murder, who went on to form cult Phoenix punk bands The Feederz and Mighty Sphincter, respectively. Bassist Rob Graves, who went on to play with The Bags and The Gun Club (for their first two records) before forming 45 Grave with Don Bolles, has sadly passed away, and in his place will be another Phoenix punk legend, Meat Puppets bassist Cris Kirkwood. Cris also produced the band's new (and first) album, which is called Product of America and drops on November 8. It's made up of songs the Exterminators wrote four decades ago, but recently recorded. Listen to one below.

Check out a video of the Mike Watt band playing the The Jon Stewart Show in 1995, along with the live album tracklist, below.

Mike Watt -- "Ring Spiel" Tour '95 track list
01 Walking the Cow
02 Big Train
03 Formal Introduction
04 Against the ’70s
05 Drove Up from Pedro
06 Habit
07 Makin’ the Freeway
08 Chinese Firedrill
09 Piss-Bottle Man
10 Forever…One Reporter’s Opinion
11 E-Ticket Ride
12 Political Song for Michael Jackson
13 Coincidence is Either Hit or Miss
14 The Red and the Black
15 Secret Garden
16 Powerful Hankerin’