Mildflowers is a new emo project from Craig Woods (who's in Engines and puts on the annual Two Piece Fest) and Shawn Decker (who runs Middle-Man Records and plays in Coma Regalia and a bunch of other bands), and they've just released their debut EP An Enemy of You on Middle-Man. It pulls from the raw, yearning, melodic sounds of '90s emo and Mildflowers write fast, direct, catchy songs that orbit somewhere between Braid and early Get Up Kids. From the songwriting to the recording quality, everything about this feels like it could've actually been recorded in 1996, but -- like a lot of the actual '90s bands -- there's a timeless quality to it.

"The project was started via email last year and was finished after a third member (vocalist) got too busy so we just finished it ourselves a few weeks ago. That's why duos rock!," Craig tells us. "I'm very proud of these songs, and especially from collaborating with Shawn on this project. It has been incredibly easy, chill, creatively inspiring, and quick (all told it was probably written and recorded in a few weeks minus the vocal stall). Just my style. In the end it is a completed project I am proud of and excited for. I hope you'll give it a listen.. it's not too long. ....with more to come!"

We're premiering the animated video for "Scapegoat," which was made by Cloakroom bassist (and former Native vocalist) Bobby Markos. Watch that and stream the full EP below...


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